Areas of Work

Major areas of our healthcare improvement efforts.

We are always open to take on good projects that are likely to make healthcare significantly better.

Some of the key areas that we have worked in are outlined below.

Public Health

Most of our healthcare efforts have been targeted to improve rural health - starting with rural areas of Rajasthan, India.

We have conducted several training programs, health camps to impart health education and treatments.

We have also been in communication with several tech initiatives, and encouraged and collaborated with innovative mobile health startups to bring more accessible and affordable healthcare to remote areas of the world.


Genetic research is accelerating improvements in healthcare everyday.

In this area, we are working with several top genetic medical doctors with clinical and lab research experience to create training programs for public and physicians to increase awareness on the genetic disorders and how to get them diagnosed and treated subsequently.

With detection of such disorders being the critical thing, our focus is also towards treating Rare Diseases & Metabolic Disorders in children.

Geriatric & Care For The Elderly

In the area of Geriatrics, we have conducted several health education programs.

We promote and teach the elderly the importance of health and active participation in life  - to prevent diseases and disabilities that set on due to inactivity or lack of a healthy lifestyle.

Regarding this area, we have completed several training workshops with nurses and caregivers on how to approach helping patients and the elderly. The training programs stress on the factor that apart from effectively helping and assisting the patients in the daily functional process of care-giving, the social interactions, the behaviors, and mindsets of the caregiver also affect the patient as well. And how a positive attitude is very important for the physical health and mental peace of the caretaker themselves.


We conduct tele-medicine conferences to impart specialist training and education via the internet to practitioners.

The practitioners are then able to meet the patient's need at their own place at the right time.

The access to such specialist knowledge would not have been possible in rural and under-served communities. With Telemedicine, we are able to bridge that gap and reach more people efficiently and effectively.